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All products from the Carlo Rino Official Store are 100% genuine Carlo Rino articles, and are quality assured directly by the official brand owner, Carlo Rino at CR Boutique Sdn. Bhd.

Colour and Print

Due to the product shooting environment and different colour perceptions, a slight discrepancy is unavoidable. However, our experienced graphic designers have worked tirelessly to match the product image with the actual product to minimize the differences in colour. The position of signature print may differ from the photos as well due to production process. For shoppers who are unable to tolerate the possibility of a slight variation in colour and print, please consider visiting us in-store for a closer look.


Each item is manually measured. Due to the human factor, and low precision, a slight size variation is to be expected. Shoppers may refer to the measurement guide and size chart as a reference.

How to create an account

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Step 4a:

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Step 9: Make payment

The payment process uses a redirect approach, you will be redirected a secure iPay88 page where you will make a payment and then be returned to Carlo Rino store.

Step 10: Post out parcel after verification of your payment