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How to create an account

Step 1: Create an account

Fill in your details to register as new member.

Step 2: Login

‚ÄčLog in your member account


Step 3: Add Products into Shopping Cart

Step 4: Check out Shopping Cart

Click checkout of your shopping cart to proceed your order.

Step 4a:

Fill in your cash voucher / discount voucher code

Step 5:

Fill in Payment Details

Step 6:

Fill in Shippig Information

Step 7: Payment Method

“Tick” Terms & Conditions before you proceed to next step.

Step 8: Confirm Order

Step 9: Make payment

The payment process uses a redirect approach, you will be redirected a secure iPay88 page where you will make a payment and then be returned to Carlo Rino store.

Step 10: Post out parcel after verification of your payment